What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is the process of self-stimulation of genitals so as to achieve sexual pleasure and arousal to the point of orgasms or sexual climax. Masturbation is mainly performed by touching the penis, stroking or massaging the genitals or the clitoris until the person achieves orgasms. Women also perform stimulation of their vagina so as to masturbate and they mostly use sex toy like the vibrator. It is considered normal to masturbate both for males and females, whether or not they are sexually active with others. It has several health benefits as it reduces anxiety and stress.

Who Can Masturbate?

Just everybody can do Masturbation as it is considered to be normal behavior. Even married people and those who are sexually active can perform Masturbation. According to the study, about 95% of the male population and 90% of the women population across the world are reported to have masturbated. Masturbation is considered to be the first sexual act that every man and woman experiences. Even in younger children, Masturbation is a common and normal part of their growing child’s exploration of their body. Even in adulthood most of the people continue to perform Masturbation and some people even do Masturbation throughout their lives.

Why People Perform Masturbation?

Apart from making your stress free and enhancing your mood, Masturbation is considered to be an effective way to relieve sexual tension which builds up over time, especially amongst the people without sexual partners or whose partners are not willing or available to have sex. Masturbation is also a safe sexual alternative for people who want to avoid pregnancy and prevent the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. Masturbation is also performed by males when they need to give semen samples for examination of infertility. If any patient diagnosed with dysfunction, the sexual therapists prescribe the adult perform Masturbation which allows them to experience orgasms and delay the arrival of semen.

Is Masturbation Considered Safe and Normal?

Initially, Masturbation was considered as the perversion of mental disorder, but now it is considered a normal and healthy sexual activity that is fulfilling, safe, pleasant and safe. Masturbation is the best way to experience sexual pleasure and it can be done anytime throughout your lifespan.

Masturbation is only considered unsafe and harmful when it inhibits the sexual activities with sexual partners, cause distress in people and done in public. It can cause distress when done compulsively or when it interferes daily activities.

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