What is Hydrocele?

A hydrocele is the type of sac or swelling in the scrotum and it occurs when the fluid is collected within the thin sheath around the testicles. The condition is mainly found in newborn babies and over the time of one year, it fades away gradually without any treatment. Even males of any age can develop Hydrocele because of injury or inflammation in the scrotum. A hydrocele is not considered to be a painful condition and it is not harmful too and hence no treatment is needed. But if you are having to swell in scrotum it is necessary to seek medical help to find out the underlying cause and treat it accordingly.

What are the Common Symptoms of Hydrocele!

Hydrocele usually causes no signs or symptoms and the only prime symptom is swollen scrotum. Adults usually have the feeling of heaviness in the scrotum and the swelling worsens after getting up from the bed as compared to the evening. It is not painful or causes any discomfort. Pain may occur over time when the inflammation increases in size.

It is necessary to seek medical assistance if you or your child is experiencing severe pain in the scrotum. It can also be a sign of other condition like testicular torsion. It is the condition which usually occurs when the testicles are twisted or when the testicle is injured in an accident. This is not a common condition but it demands immediate medical attention as it may lead to blockage of blood circulation which causes infertility in males.

What are the Causes of Hydrocele?

Hydrocele usually develops before the birth of the baby and usually, the testicles descend from the baby’s abdomen cavity to a full scrotum. It is the sac which carries each testicle and allows the fluid to circulate the testicle. The sac closes as the fluid is absorbed. In some cases, the fluid remains outside as the sac gets closed and gradually it gets absorbed. But in some cases the sac remains open and may change in sizes and when the scrotal sac is compressed the fluid move back to the abdomen causing communicating Hydrocele which is related to inguinal hernia.

What are the Treatment Plans for Hydrocele!

In babies, not treatment is prescribed as it disappears itself. But adults need to see a doctor to evaluate Hydrocele as it can be associated with other underlying causes. If it doesn’t disappear on its own, then it is removed surgically and the surgery is referred to as hydrocelectomy.

Treatment for Hydrocele in India

Exact symptoms are not visible and 70% of people will not be aware of this problem. Contact A1Sexologist Online in India and Get Hydrocele Treatment In India through Ayurveda.

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