What is Chlamydia Infection?

Chlamydia Infection is the common sexually transmitted infection which is caused by a bacteria and a person is at higher risk of setting it through sexual contacts. People usually don’t come to know that they are having the infection as no early symptoms or signs are shown like genital pain and discharge from the penis. Both men and women are at great risk of acquiring the infection through sexual contacts. People of any age group are likely to have the infection and it is most common amongst the young generation. The infection is easy to treat once you are diagnosed with it and if it goes untreated it may cause serious health complications later.

What are the Causes of Chlamydia Infection in Males?

Unprotected oral sex and sex without condoms are the primary ways to get the bacteria causing Chlamydia Infection in males. It gets transmitted easily when you have sexual contacts with an infected partner and to get the infection no penetration is required. Even touching the genitals of the infected partner can transmit the bacteria and people can also be contracted with infection during anal sex.

Newborn babies are also likely to get acquire the infection from their infected mother during childbirth and pregnancy. To avoid it from occurring prenatal testing includes the Chlamydia tests. It is noticed that people who had the infection once earlier and treated successfully may also have the infection again.

What are the Symptoms of Chlamydia Infection?

As mentioned, most of the males usually don’t notice the early symptoms of Chlamydia Infection as it shows no early signs. The signs of the infection usually start after 1-3 weeks of contracting the infection. The most common symptoms of the infection include:

  • Green or yellow discharge from the penis
  • Pain in the testicles
  • Lower abdomen pain
  • Burning sensation while urinating painful sexual intercourse

It is possible to get the infection in anus and the symptoms include pain, discharge, and bleeding in the area.

What are the Treatments for Chlamydia Infection?

The good news is that Chlamydia Infection can be treated easily. Since it is bacterial in nature, it is mainly treated with antibiotics. Doctors may prescribe you with one single dose of antibiotics for multiple days up to 10 days to kill the bacteria causing Chlamydia Infection. During the treatment, it is necessary that you avoid having sexual intercourse and the doses may be increased or decreased based on the condition and severity of the infection.

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