What is Delayed/Absent Ejaculation?

Delayed/Absent Ejaculation is the condition where a man finds it difficult to reach the orgasms or incapable to ejaculate the semen and it can be caused either due to psychological or physical factors. When a male sexual partner takes over 30 minutes to ejaculate in proper penetrative sex and with normal erections, then it is referred to as delayed ejaculations. Over 4% of the male population is affected by the condition. The condition can cause distress and anxiety for both the man and the sexual partner. Anxiety is triggered because of sexual dissatisfaction and lower libido levels. Other relationship issues include fear for rejections and concerns for couples who are planning for a baby.

What are the Symptoms of Delayed/Absent Ejaculation?

The common sign of Delayed/Absent Ejaculation is the inability of a male to ejaculate for more than 30 minutes despite penetrative sex and normal erections. If they need more than 30 minutes of sexual stimulation to ejaculate the semen or reach orgasms during the sexual act, then it is refereed obvious signs of delayed ejaculation. Ejaculation means discharge of semen from the penis at the climax of the sexual act. Some of the males usually ejaculate only with oral or manual stimulation, while others not ejaculate completely despite penetrative sex and harder erections.

The lifelong issue of DE is different from the issues which develop usually in the later phase of life. Some of the male population usually have general issues where delayed ejaculation occurs in all situations of sexual acts. In some males, it occurs with specific sexual partners or in some specific situations and it is referred to as situational delayed ejaculation.

What are the Causes of Delayed/Absent Ejaculation!

There are many factors which may cause Delayed/Absent Ejaculation in the male population and this includes chronic health disorders, medications and also surgeries if any. In some cases, it is also caused due to misuse of substances and also due to mental health disorders like anxiety, depression and excessive stress. It can also be caused because of psychological and physical concerns.

What are the Treatment Options for Delayed/Absent Ejaculation?

Delayed/Absent Ejaculation treatment plan is based on the underlying cause and it includes medications, changes in lifestyle choices, undergoing counseling sessions with psychological therapists and addressing alcohol abuses.

If medications are responsible for causing the delayed ejaculation, doctors may reduce the dose or they will prescribe other drugs that can fix the problem. Psychological counseling sessions can help address the underlying metal concerns that are causing delayed ejaculations.

Ayurvedic Absent Ejaculation Treatment in India

Delayed Ejaculation is not a symptom of healthy sexual health. It may lead to irritation and frustration among the partner. So better to consult the Sexual health Experts or Sexologist to get the treatment of Delayed/ Absent Ejaculation In India through Ayurveda as Ayurvedic Sexual Treatments are safe & secure.

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