What is Premature Menopause!

The natural age for onset of menopause is between 45 and 55, while the average age for menopause onset across the world is 51 years. The menopause that starts before the age of 45 is medically termed as Premature Menopause and premature ovarian insufficiency usually occurs at the age of 40 years. Menopause is common and it usually occurs when the ovaries of women discontinue producing the eggs, thereby resulting in lower estrogens levels in the body. When a woman has no menstrual periods for more than 12 months, then it is referred to as menopause. Any condition which damages or stop the production of estrogens hormone in the body can lead to Premature Menopause and this includes oophorectomy or chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

What are the Causes of Premature Menopause?

As mentioned, there are many factors causing Premature Menopause in women. There are genetic factors which can cause the condition as the age at the menopause onset is mainly inherited. Lifestyle factors also have an impact on when the menopause would start. Alcohol abuse and smoking are some of the anti-estrogen agents and they greatly contribute to early menopause.

There are also some chromosomal defects which can cause premature menopause in women. Turner Syndrome involves being born with insufficient chromosome and it impacts the natural functioning of the ovaries. Fragile X Syndrome is the factor that causes early menopause. Autoimmune diseases and epilepsy are some disorders which are responsible for causing early menopause in women.

What are the Symptoms of Premature Menopause?

Premature Menopause usually starts along with irregular periods or periods which are shorter or longer than normal. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Spotting
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Longer time between periods
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Mood swings and changes in sexual feelings
  • Night sweats and hot flashes

What are the Treatments of Premature Menopause?

Premature Menopause usually requires not traditional treatment. Doctors usually prescribe treatment options to manage the symptoms of the condition. The treatment approaches usually help in managing the changes that take place in the body due to early menopause. The Premature Menopause occurring in the early age of your life is treated with hormonal replacement therapy which provides the body with the required amount of hormone for regular menstrual periods and it continues delivering the hormone until you reach the actual or natural menopause. It also prevents the common symptoms of early menopause. Vaginal hormone products are also prescribed to help alleviate vaginal symptoms.

Treatments of Premature Menopause in India

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