What is Dyspareunia?

Dyspareunia or Painful Intercourse is the medical condition where recurrent or persistent pain occurs before, during and after sexual intercourse. The causes of Dyspareunia may vary and it can lead to anxiety, relationship issues, and distress. The reasons for the painful intercourse range from psychological concerns to structural issues. Dyspareunia usually affects both male and female alike, but the percentage of women suffering from painful intercourse is higher than man which is about 20% higher than man. The treatment options for painful intercourse usually focus on treating the underlying cause of the condition. It depends on the severity of the condition too.

What are the Symptoms of Dyspareunia?

The defining symptom of the condition usually includes painful intercourse and the pain may occur right the opening of the vagina or deep into the pelvic floor muscles. This pain can be localized or distinct in nature and the women may experience a broader sense of discomfort during sexual intercourse. Ripping sensation, throbbing, burning and aching and dissatisfaction with the intercourse results are other symptoms of the condition.

  • Deep pain while thrusting
  • Pain during penetration and sexual entry
  • Aching pain and burning sensation
  • Lasting hours of pain after sexual intercourse

What are the Causes of Dyspareunia?

There are both emotional triggers and physical factors involved in causing Dyspareunia in women. The physical causes may differ and it depends on whether the pain is at the entry level or within the deep thrusting. The pain during penetration may be triggered by a variety of factors and this includes:

  • Irritation, trauma or injury
  • Insufficient lubrication
  • Skin disorders, infection, and inflammation
  • Congenital abnormality

Emotional factors include:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Psychological disorders
  • Sexual abuse history

Deep pain with deep penetration usually occurs due to:

  • Specific conditions and illnesses
  • Medical treatments and surgeries

What are the Treatment Approaches for Dyspareunia?

The treatment options for Dyspareunia in women usually vary depending upon the severity and the underlying cause of the condition. Doctors usually prescribe medication in the initial stage to control the pain and resolve the issues. In menopausal women, the condition is usually caused due to insufficient lubrication and this is due to low estrogens levels. So, tropical estrogens are applied directly on the vagina to resolve it.

Treatment Approaches for Dyspareunia in India

Desensitization therapy and counseling and sex therapy are some of the other approaches which can treat the condition and stabilize the sexual health of women. Ayurveda has given a lot to the medical world. Women may connect to A1Sexologist to get the Best Dyspareunia Treatment in Gurgaon.

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