Premature Ejaculation!! Possible Causes!!

August 15, 2019

Research shows that many men are affected by the sexual problems out of which, Premature Ejaculation is one of the common problems affecting men’s sexual life. Men are facing such problem without even knowing the exact causes of premature ejaculation. Before going ahead, It is requisite to know what premature Ejaculation is all about.

Premature Ejaculation is a stage when a man leaves his orgasm sooner than wanted. It is the stage when a female is unable to reach the stage of satisfaction. It is also described as a sexual weakness. Premature ejaculation not only affects the male but also lead to dissatisfaction to female.

Male can be seen feeling embarrassed talking about it but it is just a disease which can be treated with proper medication and therapies. Actual and effective treatment will depend on the reasons behind premature ejaculation. Here we are mentioning some of the common factors responsible for premature ejaculation which is also called “Shighra Patan” in Hindi:-

  • Anxiety or Stress:- Many men may suffer from this problem due to stress or tension raised through personal or professional circumstances. High level of stress may affect the sexual life and may lead to destroying your sexual life
  • Alchohol: Excess Alcohol may also affect the sexual organs leading to weakness and early discharge of semen.
  • Bio-Logical Factors: Biological factors include abnormal hormone levels, certain thyroid problems and abnormal reflex activity etc.
  • Psychological: Psychology is what we think all the time and how we perceive the situations. Psychological factors include sexual abuse, depression, poor body physique, worrying about sexual weakness and all.

Premature Ejaculation may be results of our lifestyle like intaking unhealthy diets, not exercising, laziness and using excess mobile phones. Radiation and Laser rays affect the human health in a negative way. Premature ejaculation also leads to fertility problems.

So if you are facing premature ejaculation, it is better to consult with the nearest Sexologist Doctor.Dr. Madhusudan is one of the famous sexologists in Delhi offering Ayurvedic treatment to cure premature ejaculation. Get a consultation and make your married life happy and joyful!!

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