Precautions to avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases

April 16, 2019

Sexually Transmitted Infections/diseases are infections that one can get from having sex with someone already infected. The causes of STDs are bacteria, parasites, and viruses. These infections generally do not cause any symptoms, and can still be spread unintentionally from the infected partner to the healthy person.

To avoid getting a sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, always avoid having sex with anyone having genital sores, rashes, discharge, or any other symptoms. The unprotected sex is safe only when if you and your partner have sex with each other only. And if it's been at least six months since you both tested negative for STDs.

How to avoid Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Various protective measures you can choose to avoid STDs:

Use of Condoms

You can use latex condom every time you have sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. If you use a lubricant, always use a water-based lubricant. Though, condoms are not 100% effective to avoid STDs or pregnancy. However, they are very effective if used appropriately.

Avoid sharing your clothes

Never share towels or underclothing to avoid STDs.

Take care of cleanliness

Always wash before and after sexual intercourse.

HIV Test

Go for the test of HIV


Get a vaccination for hepatitis B.As it is also sexually transmitted disease.

Stop consuming alcohol/drugs

Get help if you have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse as people who are drunk or on drugs generally fail to have protected sex.

Avoid sex

Think that not having sex is the only certain way to prevent STDs. Therefore, avoid it if you are not very sure about the sexual health of your partner.

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