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Sex is a very personal experience, and everyone's issues are unique. However, we occasionally encounter similar problems.

It can be reassuring to know that you're not alone with your sex life, no matter what you're going through. Sexologist in Srinagar has compiled a list of helpful hints to assist you with the most common sex issues.

Sex that hurts:

Sex is something that should be fun and satisfying. When the reverse starts happening, then make sure this is a red alarm and something wrong is happening. Intercourse may hurt a woman. In certain situations, this can make having penetrative sex extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Having the opportunity to talk about the problem could provide some relief in and of itself. Your female sexual health specialist in Srinagar will assist you in exploring your sex responses and gaining a better understanding of your feelings of pleasure and pain. They can also discuss the possibility of medical examinations to rule out any physical causes.

"I can't seem to get (or keep) it together."

This is a very common problem among men, and almost all of them will face it at some stage in their lives. Inability to get or keep an erection can be caused by injury, surgery, or trauma, or it may be something you've always struggled with. The fear of not knowing if it will succeed this time will make things worse.

Male sexual health specialists in Srinagar can be extremely beneficial in determining the best course of action for dealing with this problem. This can happen in conjunction with prescription drugs, or it may be that just talking things out is enough to start changing things.
"I cum too soon."

This might not be a major issue now and then, but it may make it difficult to maintain a satisfying sex life if it occurs often.

Coming too soon is something that many people are concerned about, and it can be triggered by anxiety or a lack of attention to what's going on. The good news is that sexual health expert in Srinagar will help you regain control and last longer by guiding you through a series of activities and exercises.

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