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When a couple decides to plan a family, they must keep track of the evaluation cycles as per the sexologist in Patna. It is mainly because a woman’s chances of getting pregnant are pretty high when she is evaluating. The best sexologist in Patna suggests that knowing everything about the ovulation cycles helps one improve their chances of conceiving as they basically need to calculate the fertility window by using the ovulation tests. Before understanding, ovulation couples need to understand the basics as per Top Sexologist In Patna.

Based on the opinion of an Ayurvedic Sexologist in Patna, a woman is evaluated when her body releases one or more eggs. It mainly occurs in the middle of her menstruation cycle. The conception occurs when a man's sperm swim through the vaginal passage via the uterus and the woman's fallopian canal. The sperm tends to merge with the egg cell when it moves down through one of the fallopian tubes. 

As per the best ayurvedic sexologist in Patna, the fertilized egg tends to move down the fallopian tube and splits into two cells, four cells, and it continues. The fertilized egg reaches the uterus almost after a week after fertilization, and it leads to a cluster of at least 100 cells, and it is known as a blastocyst.

The cell division continues, and the baby is formed as per a male sexologist in Patna that forms a placenta which then gives oxygen and nourishment. The hormones produced in the body provide a sign that a baby is growing in the uterus. As per a female sexologist in Patna, the hormones tell the uterus to keep its lining tact rather than shedding it. Pregnancy is only possible when sex occurs near evaluation dates as per female sexual health specialists in Patna.

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