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Sexual problems are common and many of us go through them, but what is challenging here is to get the ‘Right’ treatment. Instead of thinking of alternatives such as chemical, hard doses, or operations, there is always a safer and natural option and that is ‘Ayurveda’

Signs you should see a sexologist or a sexual therapist

You might believe that no one can help you channel your carnal urges, but this is not the case. When the sexual quotient in a relationship begins to dwindle, a lot of misunderstandings occur. However, most of the time, particularly in India, we prefer to remain silent about these issues rather than seek support. Lack of awareness and expertise makes approaching a trained professional much more challenging. However, if you're unsure whether you ought to see a sexologist in Haridwar, consider the following considerations.

1.Your sex drive is low: 

If you have the same problem, no one needs to explain it to you. You want to avoid physical contact with your partner if you have a low sex drive. Many hormonal changes (both in men and women) may be the cause, whether due to medical conditions or certain drugs, exhaustion, which may indicate an underlying health disorder, and more. Low sex drive may also be the result of a temporary period, such as breastfeeding and pregnancy. However, if the issue has been present for a long time and you and your partner are unhappy as a result, you should seek support from the best ayurvedic sexologist in Haridwar.

2.You have strong sexual desires/behaviors/fantasies involving odd things, events, or situations: 

This is a serious problem that is likely the result of a deep-seated psychological issue. This may lead to clinically significant distress in social, occupational, and other areas.

3. The sexual preferences and needs are out of sync: 

When it comes to sex, all partners might not be on the same page. Also, either of you could have low sex energy due to stress or other concerns (hormonal or may be the result of certain medicines). It is, however, preferable to talk to each other about this issue and see a sexual health expert in Haridwar as a couple. To solve the issue, it is preferable to be approached or counseled as a group.

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