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Sexual problems are not taboo, rather they are very normal and 80% of the population in the country does suffer from these problems. Hence, instead of shying away and not talking about it, the better idea is to seek natural ayurvedic treatment provided by our experts.

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There is a need for intimacy, respect, and togetherness in an ideal marriage, but a major part of it is creating. Sexual intercourse aids in developing feelings of affection, and it is the backbone of married couples' relationships. Men in relationships also have sexual issues as a result of a variety of factors.

Men are often inhibited by fear of performing poorly in bed, apprehension, and anxiety, which leaves the woman disappointed. This will jeopardize the marriage's foundations. Since they are ashamed, shy, or afraid of being asked about issues that are discussed behind closed doors, many men nowadays forget their problems. If you're having trouble with your marriage or friendship, a sexologist in Guwahati will help.

Men's Sexual Health Issues:

Erectile Dysfunction: This occurs when a man has trouble getting and keeping an erection.

Low Libido: This refers to a lack of desire for women. Low libido is a common complaint among men as they grow older.

Premature Ejaculation: When a man achieves orgasm too soon and ejaculates, the partner is left wanting.

Inhibited Ejaculation: This occurs when a man fails to reach orgasm or does so slowly.

As you can see, the sexual wellbeing of the man in the relationship is critical to saving and maintaining the union. Male sexologists in Guwahati will assist you with your intimate issues. Contact the best sexologist in Guwahati today to schedule an appointment and solve your problems.

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