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The Dire Need for Sexologists in Ghaziabad:

Sex is important for every married couple, but there could be multiple complications that come in between this.

When a couple chooses to start a family, it's crucial to keep track of their ovulation schedule! This is because a woman's chances of being pregnant are highest while she is ovulating. Knowing the ins and outs of ovulation cycles, as well as the basics of measuring the fertility window using ovulation tests, according to the best sexologist in Ghaziabad, will help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Before jumping into ovulation cycles, it's a good idea to brush up on the fundamentals.

Sexologists in Ghaziabad don't just look at our patients' physical causes of infertility. Top sexologist in Ghaziabad also looks at the couple's intimate relationship to see if any socio-cultural factors influence their sexuality or ability to have a child. Strong stereotypes regarding healthy sexuality, a lack of sexual awareness, and a history of sexual harassment and other traumas are examples of such causes. 

Ovulation is the most fertile time for women.

Ovulating occurs when a woman's body releases one or more eggs from one of her ovaries. It happens in the middle of the period most of the time. Conception occurs when a fertile man's sperm cell swims through the vaginal canal, uterus, and fallopian tube of a woman. It merges with the woman's egg cell as it travels down one of the fallopian tubes.

As the dividing process continues, the fertilized egg begins to migrate down the fallopian tube, separating into two cells, four cells, and so on. A week after fertilization, the fertilized egg enters the uterus and grows into a blastocyst, a growing cluster of around 100 cells.

Cell division continues, with some cells forming the infant and others forming the placenta, which feeds and oxygenates the baby. Hormones are released in the body simultaneously, signaling the development of a baby within the uterus. The hormones also tell the uterus to keep its lining intact rather than shedding it, according to the Top Sexologist in Ghaziabad.

Are our Ovulation Tests Necessary?

These tests look for luteinizing hormones in your urine, which will help you figure out when you're ovulating. Consult the A1 Sexologist’s female sexual health specialist in Ghaziabad if you need assistance monitoring your ovulation cycle and assessing your chances of conception.

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